All our crops are certified organic by ICEA.

Officinal herbs

We cultivate rosemary, sage, and thyme following a strictly organic approach.

Being of Ligurian origin, these herbs are strongly present in our culture and cuisine. For us, growing aromatic herbs is not a business choice but rather a tradition.

With rosemary, sage, and thyme, we prepare extremely fragrant culinary products (such as herbal teas, flavored salts, and roasting herbs) of the highest quality. All our plants are hand-harvested. 


Lavender is a perennial shrubby plant that reaches 100-120 cm in height. From late May to early July, during its blooming period, it offers us a breathtaking sight with its intensely purple flowers.

In early July, we begin hand harvesting for processing the dried flowers starting from the month of September. With our lavender, we produce products for pet care (such as anti-parasitic treatments, shampoos, and balms), for home care (insect repellent sprays, candles, and potpourri), and for culinary use (jams, jellies, flavored salt, dried pasta, risotto mixes).


Our farm guests can experience the true flavors of freshly harvested vegetables.

We have a seasonal vegetable garden cultivated according to organic farming principles, following the rotation schemes to avoid soil fatigue. We exclusively use natural fertilizer produced from our organic farming, and we only harvest what the land naturally provides without resorting to strategies to increase plant and soil productivity.

The availability of products depends on the season and weather conditions.